Training « Soulful Yin »

Training 50hTT certified Yoga Alliance (with Kata Von Doesselaar)

From January 24 to 29th 2022

Price : 900€ Studio (Early Bird 850€ before Dec 15) and 780€ on-line


This training Includes the Basic Anatomy Module, the Meridian Module and the Yin Yoga Philosophy Module.

Yin Yoga has a profoundly healing effect.

With regular practice of yin and appropriate sequences, it is possible to rebalance major imbalances in the body (allergies, digestive problems, hormones, back problems, mental problems, blood pressure problems, symptoms of anxiety, emotional blockages, lack energy, lack of determination, confidence, anger problems, depression, fears)

Proper practice of yin gives excellent results.

Soulful Yin - Training "Soulful Yin"


  • You will learn how to create a long or short yin class / session for a group, an individual class, or for yourself
  • You will learn transition poses and intelligent sequencing methods, taking into account pose families, anatomical guidelines and meridian therapy
  • You will be able to work one-on-one with clients with specific needs
  • You will learn to create « yin space » (Quality and Energy), so that it can enrich and balance life, and offer it to others
  • You will learn to feel new emotions and re-open closed senses.


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Audience type

The public concerned is: any public with prior knowledge of yoga and a regular practice


The access conditions are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have no medical contraindications
  • Have previous yoga experience (regular practice for at least a year) and knowledge of the basic principles of Yin Yoga


Mat work, plus theoretical parts

Assessment method

The means put in place to determine whether the trainee has acquired the knowledge or professional actions specified in the objectives are:

  • Two-hour written exam to assess memorization of key concepts
  • Creation of a group sequence, teaching by the students.

At the end of the exam, the teacher validates the results and gives the student his diploma certifying Yoga Alliance

Terms & Conditions

Languages: English / French

Price: 900 € face-to-face (Early Bird 850 € before 12/15) and 780 € online

Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (or 6 p.m.) with a 1 hour break for lunch. Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: In the event of cancellation, reimbursement will be made under the following conditions:

60 days before the start of the training: 80% refund
From the 31st to the 60th day before the start of the training: 50% refund
30 days before the start of the training, no refund will be granted.

In the event of confinement in the 92, the training will be postponed.

About the Teacher

Kata van Doesselaar  EYRT500 , EYRT200 is an experienced Yoga Teacher, breath & massage therapist, healer and coach. She is practicing yoga for 16 years, and teaching yoga for 11 years.

She has been trained in various styles (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) until she found her Maha Teacher Shiva Rea, that she feels the most inspired by.

So Kata’s primary style became the Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Krishnamacharya lineage) that Los Angeles based Shiva Rea founded.

The last couple of years Kata became an assistant teacher in Shiva’s teacher trainings, that fills her heart with passion and joy. And she is one of the very few teachers in the world who is endorsed to offer Shiva Rea’s unique full Prana Vinyasa 200hrs teacher training – supported by Shiva.

Besides her dynamic practice Kata was always enjoying stillness and meditation, so she was in Heaven when she discovered Yin Yoga. Being a very energetic Soul, Kata embraced the Yin yoga with open heart, and allowed the practice of letting go, stillness and surrendering to bring balance into her busy life. Having seen the huge impact that yin yoga did on her she went to study with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley’s senior teachers to learn all of it, so she can transmit the gifts of yin yoga in an authentic and pure way. Kata has been training with her Teachers more then 1000hrs.

After running her own studio in the Netherlands together with her Life & Love Partner Erno van Doesselaar they moved to Ibiza 4 years ago, where they run their own retreats and teacher trainings.

Kata created her own trainings in the last years, such as 200hrs Yin-Yang, Yin Yoga, Advanced Yin, Chakra yin flow, Goddess Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga TT.
She is infusing all her teachings with a soulful, sacred Feminine approach.
She is offering workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally. As a mother of two children, and her rich experience of healing, self-healing, her biggest passion is to inspire people to grow into their full potential and find their true Self.

50hrs TT

Schedule: 8am – 5:30pm or 6pm each day with breaks (1h for lunch) – Saturday form 1pm to 4pm

Includes Basic Anatomy module and Meridian module and philosophy module.



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